13 February 2012

All Systems Go

Bonjour mes amis!

Guess what? I got approved for my Visa! I received the email today telling me that my visa has been issued. This means that I will be moving in April to the UK for the next 16 months.

10 February 2012

Waiting Game

Guess what?

I did my biometrics testing yesterday! I got my fingerprints and photo done for my visa application. It is now a waiting game. Waiting seems to be the hardest part now. I'm nervous that I won't get it but in reality, there shouldn't be a reason that I shouldn't. At least, none that I could find or the girl (yes, I asked her yesterday) who was collecting the data for my visa. She said I could find out as early as the end of next week to 15 days from now at the latest. I'm hoping to find out by the mid-way mark of 10 days. This is all so very exciting and if I actually am approved, I will be living in London as of April! Eeeekkk!

Lissa xx