7 November 2012

Shmore's Anyone??

This is a quick little post to let you all in on our Shmore's Night.

A little background:

I had been talking about s'mores from back home and how good they are to the kids. I even showed them photos of what they look like. We agreed that we'd make some one night in the backyard. This all seems well and dandy, except that we soon realized that normal British stores don't carry graham crackers OR plain hershey's chocolate. The marshmallows also have to be halal so they melt a bit funny. What did we do to counteract everything? Bought digestives and Lindt chocolate and went to town! Thus ensued the birth of the Shmore - the British version of a S'more. Here is a mini-photo recap of myself with a Shmore...

Roasting my mrshmallow
Ahhhhh! LOL

Ta-da! A Shmore is born!

Yummy even though the chocolate didn't melt.
The smoke from the fire clouded the photo but I'm quite happy with my Shmore. :-)

I will aim to do a full post soon to update on what's been going on with me the past month or so. 

Adios amigos! xx

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