16 March 2013

Wowzers Trousers

I apologize thoroughly for the lack of posts.

It's been crazy on this side of the pond and myself along with Livs have been dealing with a whole lot of stuff on our respective plates.

Please bear with us a bit longer.

- Lissa xx

2 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I hope everybody enjoyed themselves while ringing in 2013. I spent it with Sisi and we had a blast! Here are a few photos from NYE.
Almost ready to go...

Photo op before heading out.

P.S. Still found some of the gold glitter after I had got home lol

Doing what I love to do - dance!

- Lissa xx

24 December 2012

Merry Christmas Eve!

It's Christmas Eve here in Londontown. No snow to report as yet but there is a ton of rain available.

*Sidebar* Please feel free to come along and get some if you'd like!

Sisi is here with me and it's been lovely having her here. It's helped me with my homesick-ness that has been really bad this past month. It's my first holiday away from home and I am absolutely missing everybody back home. I'm missing my grandmother and my sister and brother the most. However, this is why Skype was invented!

Since Sisi has been here, we've been out a little bit but not a lot as it's been a lot of crowds with Christmas here and everybody trying to get in their last minute shopping. We have managed to check out Westfield in Stratford (City) as we went there for my birthday dinner this past Friday. We met up with Livs as well and had an amazing time.

Myself, Sisi & Livs after my birthday dinner.
We all plan on meeting up in the week and exploring more of London with Sisi before she has to head back home to Canada. I will aim to remember to take photos so I'll actually have something to show you along with the posts. 

I must dash now to finish seasoning the meat for dinner tomorrow. 

Merry Christmas! xx

13 December 2012

T-Minus 7 Days

Sisi will be here in seven days!

Eeeekkk! I am so overly excited, it's ridiculous!

-Lissa x

10 December 2012

Home for the Holidays


Oh, how I wish I was actually going home for the holidays. However, I'm getting the next best thing: a friend from back home for the holidays! One of my best friends is coming over from Canada to spend my birthday, Christmas AND New Years with me!! I cannot be more excited than I am right now (and as exhibited by my very free use of exclamation marks lol).

She will be here in a little over a week and we will have a blast. I'll have company this time around to check out the christmas markets and explore Southbank. I'll also have somebody to ooh and aah over the gorgeous christmas light installations in central London. My camera will definitely be getting a work out so I should actually have photos to post again! Whenever I'm out, I always forget my camera so no photos are ever taken. Shame on me.

We do not have any snow as yet but they are calling for snow sometime this week which will be interesting to experience here. London is not as equipped for snow as Canada and everybody keeps telling me horror stories about how the transit shuts down or doesn't run efficiently when it snows. I'm talking about maybe 15 cm of snow here people. That's child's play back home. LOL. To be fair, Canada isn't called The Great White North for nothing. I digress, the point is that I cannot wait until there's snow. I really would like snow for christmas day. After that, it can bugger off and I'll be okay. I just want a white christmas, is that too much to ask?

In other news, I've been out of commission lately because I've been ill. The latest illness? Blood poisoning. Yeah, tell me about it. I went to get a tooth pulled and was told it all went okay, only to wake up not feeling well and by time I got to my GP, I was told I had blood poisoning from an infection where my tooth was pulled. Huh. Leave it to my body to take a normal infection and go above and beyond with it. I also had the flu for a bit to add to the fun times being had all around. Haha. I am glad to say that right now, after the meds, I am once again whole and well. It better stay this way as my birthday is 8 days away and I plan on going out to party.

I've also got a boyfriend in London as well. It's still in the beginning of the relationship so I won't say much about it right now (don't want to jinx anything). I will share with you that he is a sous chef and really great so far.

Alrighty, I need to head off to finish off writing my xmas cards so that I can post them today on my way home. Will post again soon!

Lissa xx

7 November 2012

Shmore's Anyone??

This is a quick little post to let you all in on our Shmore's Night.

A little background:

I had been talking about s'mores from back home and how good they are to the kids. I even showed them photos of what they look like. We agreed that we'd make some one night in the backyard. This all seems well and dandy, except that we soon realized that normal British stores don't carry graham crackers OR plain hershey's chocolate. The marshmallows also have to be halal so they melt a bit funny. What did we do to counteract everything? Bought digestives and Lindt chocolate and went to town! Thus ensued the birth of the Shmore - the British version of a S'more. Here is a mini-photo recap of myself with a Shmore...

Roasting my mrshmallow
Ahhhhh! LOL

Ta-da! A Shmore is born!

Yummy even though the chocolate didn't melt.
The smoke from the fire clouded the photo but I'm quite happy with my Shmore. :-)

I will aim to do a full post soon to update on what's been going on with me the past month or so. 

Adios amigos! xx

3 November 2012

Where Has The Time Gone?


It's already November! That is absolutely insane!

I haven't written on here since September as I've had mixed feelings about it because of events that took place. However, with that being said, I will definitely be writing again as I'm feeling better about writing again.

I will aim to get a fresh post up by the end of the weekend.

- Lissa xx

P.S. I have no idea why Livs hasn't yet written and I will try to persuade her to post an entry soon but this may turn into a blog solely done by me. Sad, sad, day.